Laurita Entertainment is a gospel enterprise dedicated to improving the production and performance of gospel artist. We focus on performing artist both singers and musicians to better prepare for the world stage. We aggressively engage the performers in how to perform at the top of their ability, we do this by teaching the artist how to work the full stage to hold the audience’s attention for every second of their performance.

The artist we work with will undergo various forms of intense training, and we are very selective in the artist that we work with “serious only”. Our coaches have worked with many superstars for over 40 years. At Laurita Entertainment we teach you how to perform as good as you want whenever you want, and this is what makes a good performer be a great performer.

Teddy Young

Legendary Drummer, Producer, & Founder of Laurita Enertainment


“Back in the days of the Apollo Theatre, the audience would chase the performers off the stage if they did not offer a complete package. My objective at Laurita Entertainment has always been to present a band that has all of the elements necessary to win the crowd. From their vocal ability, musical background, individual skill sets…down to the way they move and dress. The attention to detail is key, and cannot be overlooked. "