Artist Development

Daily Practice and Habits


The first thing is developing the talent and musicianship of the artist. And the core of developing real talent, comes down to a strong practice ~ stellar daily habits & practices. 

Signature Songwriting


We have found that when artists write from personal experience it makes their material more authentic and resonates more with artist and audience.

Building Your Artist Persona


An artist persona is something that is built over time ~ it’s more authentic that way, or more well thought out. But there are ways to speed it up.

The Making of an Exceptional Record


Even in a singles market, artists still need to think of “the record” as King. If a new artist only has 1 or 2 songs out, that’s not enough for us to really come on board as a fan. It’s enough to peak our interest, but not to become a die-hard fan.

Artist Branding


To help artists we work with, we’ve built a team of vetted industry professionals that we use, along with Teddy Young’s insights and savvy around branding, to create a brand that says something — one that fits the artist like a glove.

Growing Your Career Independently & Within the Music Industry


The most important thing you do is to consistently grow your music career. Build your fanbase as well as attend music conferences and industry events and build your connections. Opportunities to grow your career come from relationships with people inside the industry. Don’t be on the outside looking in. Both are equally important.